PCB 180 degree rotation conveyor is designed for changing the conveying direction of flow of a PCB production line. It’s controlled with air cylinder, rotate smoothly and accurately.

PCB 180 degree rotation conveyor

About the PCB turn conveyor how to use in the auto SMT assembly line, Please click here PCB turn conveyor online rotating transport to check the operation video.

PCB 180 degree rotation conveyor features:
1. PLC control system, Working is stably and reliably;
2. Easy to operate LED touch screen control interface;
3. Enclosed design with built-in toque limiter ensures highest level of safety;
4. Turning 90°Clockwise or Counterclockwise;
5. Smooth and precise rotating motion(stepper motor control);
6. Pan or pass function selection;
7. Top safety cover can be opened for easy access to hardware during maintenance;
8. SMEMA Compatible .
Please click the video link here PCB turn conveyor  and the PCB rotational transport check the machine work detail.

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PCB turn conveyor technical parameters

Item Scope of application
Model number HY-330TC HY-390TC
Dimensions(L*W*H) 700*650*1200mm 700*750*1200mm
PCB Width (50*50)-(500*330mm) (50*50)-(500*390mm)
Conveyor Height 900+/-20mm(or customized)
PCB Direction L-R(R-L)
Speed 0~800(mm)/Min
Power Consumption 0.6KW
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50/60HZ or customized available
Control method LCD screen+PLC
PCB thickness =/>0.4mm
Communication Plug SMEMA Signal Plug for up/down line Double-wire cable
Max diameter of rotating θ650mm
Turning direction 90˚ / 180˚ / 270˚
Air Pressure 4-6 bar, MAX 20L/minute
Weight Approx.130Kg Approx.160Kg
Note:PCB turn conveyor can be customized the large width PCB board for the LED/SMD production line