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How to separate multi v-cuts at one time with aluminum plate separtor

Separating the whole light bar board one time, high-efficient cutting machine recommendation:
           ASC-900 PCB multi group and multi blade led cutter
High speed aluminum pcb separator depanelizing led aluminum plate cutter.It can separate 20 v-cut at one time which only needs 8 seconds to finish cutting a whole panel and joint SMT product line perfectly  

      This is led multi group multi blade cutting machine ASC- 900 . This is an automated equipment and It can
 butt joint your production line equipment. It can cut all kind of board. the detail you can check the picture in the follow:

       Combining pictures to tell you that. look the picture 1, The distance of our each knife is 8 mm.  If your led trip board or
PCB board width is 6mm that our two sets of knives can  intersect to cut without any problem( Look the picture 3). 

    In this way(staggered cutting), the minimum width of can be 4mm. It's this is the only machine in the Chinese market that can cut

board with width minimum to 4mm. If your one panel have 10 pcb,look the picture 2. our cutter shaft is 200mm length, Can install maximum 

19 pieces  blade in the cutter shaft. 10 PCBs in one panel, 19 piece blade can cut without any problem. 

      the more operation  video please click:  Youtube pcb cutting machine chanel 
                                                                                              Youtube  LED pcb cutter Operation


    Moreover, ASC-900 cutting thickness is 0.2-5mm, can cut LED panel, fiberboard, aluminum board , FR14 .
this machine cutting length is unlimit, Look picture 4, the cutting length 
minimum is 80mm, 
the cutting length of 10mm-200mm completely suitable for it.
    The more important is this cutting machine can butt joint other automatic machine,
such as the loader machine or unloader machine. 
Can greatly improve the production efficiency.

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Our multi group multi blade pcb cutting machine advance:

1.Can cutting thickness is 0.2-5mm
2.The minimum cutting length can achieve 100mm.
3.The minimum cutting small plate width can achieve 4mm(staggered cutting, see picture 3).  
    I absolutely sure that you can't find such PCB cutting machine in other place.


1.Maximum board length: unlimited
2.Board thickness:0.2-5.0mm
3.Plate feeding speed: 300-500mm/s
4.Blade material:SKD11
5.Working temperature: 10-35℃
6.Storage temperature:-20-50℃
7.Voltage: 230V
8.Dimension : 2160mm*570mm*1050mm



• The machine adopts the computer screen control with a counting device, which you can use
   to preset the processing production. And the space of cutting tool is visible on the screen.
• It can cut many boards with multiple sets of knives work at the same time.
• The knife flywheel is adjustable as a whole from 0 to 5mm
• The distance between knives is regulable as well, applying to pcb with width from 
  15mm to 20mm.
• The blade is made of imported SKH51 high speed steel material, which is durable and 
   have a long service life.
• It is convenient to adjust the cutting speed through rotary knob.
• No limits of the cutting length.
• Thickness range of pcb: 0.2-5.0mm
• With a conveyor belt line, the separated pcb can be send out directly to reduce pick- and-place.
• The machine adopts multiple blade to separate boards with simple operation and 
   high efficiency, fitted for batch production.

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