Wave pallet return conveyor system

Model:Customized HY-460 conveyor


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wave pallet/jig/fixture lifting returned conveyor system that choose over-under lifting machine return conveyor/traverser are one of the most common solution for PCB fixture recycling transport in PCB wave soldering DIP insertion line.

Product Details
Automatic wave soldering pallet/jig returned conveyors system and PCB up down lifting machine are one of the most common transport system for the wave pallet assembly process in the PCB wave soldering insertion line or DIP production line.ASCEN design and manufactures the pallet/jig/fixture loop assembly auto returned conveyor/traverser in the wave soldering insertion processes production line.ASCEN wave soldering work pallet return system choose the over-under lifting machine return transport design,this application is the most effective way to save and utilize the space of your area.
Customized the PCB up down lifter wave pallet return traverser is suitable for all kinds of wave soldering work pallet loading production line,the work jig lifting machine connect to the chain conveyor and the flat belt conveyor,the wave pallet or the fixture can return back to front side of production line by automatically traverser is suitable for dual insertion conveyor,can transport the pallet to the same direction and feed into wave soldering can achieve PCB panel or pallet automatic return to the assembly station and without any manual carry.
Customized wave solder pallet return conveyor system application case:
Wave pallet return conveyor

This is the wave soldering processing processes in the PCB insertion production line,The PCB board input from front machine(left side),the PCB need be assembled by 2 kinds of different pallet in the manual/robot assembly station.once finish the assembly,this assembly station will transport the whole wave pallet into the wave soldering machine.after finish the wave soldering processing and then will enter the cooling conveyor,you can equip the robot disassemble station behind the cooling conveyor for disassembling the whole jig/pallet.the belt transport line and the chain conveyor use to transport the pallet/fixture/jig for the whole pallet returning system.once robot finish the pallet disassemble,the robot will separate place 2 kinds of different wave pallet,one pallet will be return transport by the flat belt conveyor under the wave soldering machine,another pallet will be return transport by the chain conveyor under the wave soldering machine.both jig or pallet will be continued to be lifted to the manual/robot assembly station for installation by the PCB pallet lifting elevator again.

The whole work pallet up down lifting machine communicates through the SMEMA port.Once the assembly station get the PCB board and will manual or automatic finish can help the whole production achieve the full automatic assembly in the manual insertion production is greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce labor costs.this Wave solder pallet return conveyor system application is very popular in the smart factory.

Please click here Customized wave pallet/fixture recycle line to see this machine operation video,you will know this wave pallet reture conveyor system how to work for your DIP production
Once you confirm need customized this wave solder pallet return conveyor system for your DIP production line or manual component insertion line,please let us know your wave solder machine size drawing and location map of your whole production line ,and your pallet size drawing or your processing requirement. 

The customized wave solder pallet return conveyor and PCB wave pallet lifting system include following module:
1. Low friction belt conveyor 
2. Roller chain conveyor
3. Intelligent lifting elevator system
4. Intelligent security alram system
Types of Frame Materials:
Steel – which can lower the cost of your system by 10%
Aluminum – which is the most common material used
1 sets of 6 meters transporter
3 sections pallet returned conveyors
2 sets of lifting elevator
1 set of PCB conveyor 
1 set of tray chain conveyor
1 sets of PCB cooling conveyor
ASCEN designs and manufactures assembly tooling and the assembly tooling return conveyor solution such as wave pallet conveyor,Dip pallet chain returned conveyor,assembly fixture recycle conveyor used in the electronics assembly and manufacturing processes.the design based on wave soldering machine and customer requirement,return pallet to beginning side of THT/DIP production line.

Item Scope of application
Model number Customized wave soldering pallet  returen conveyor system model :HY-460 conveyor
Transport width 350-460mm(Can be customized)
MI conveyor 6000mm(Can be customized) 
Retured conveyor(according wave machine) 5800mm(Can be customized) 
Retured conveyor(according MI conveyor) 5500mm(Can be customized) 
Speed 0~800(mm)/Min
Power Consumption 1KW
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50/60HZ or customized available
Control method LCD screen+PLC
PCB thickness =/>0.4mm
Communication Plug SMEMA Signal Plug for up/down line Double-wire cable
Weight Approx.800Kg
Note:  About this solution quotation,please provide the wave solder machine size drawing and location map of your whole production line ,and your pallet size drawing or your processing requirement

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