1)PCB magazine unloader/SMT unloader mainly use for unloading of PCBs from the PCB assembly line.

2)Multi PCB Magazine Unloader is used at the end of the SMT line for unloading of PCBA from the production line. An arriving PCBA is taken up by the attached conveyor and then pushed into the magazine by the pusher from unloader. The magazine indexes to the next position and is ready for the following unloading cycle.

3)If your PCB assembly production line with the length limit and need save more space on the workshop, advise you check the L shape PCB magazine unloader,  the magazine conveyor of PCB unloader L type are positioned at a 90 angle,which results in a shorter length for the SMT automatic line.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology

This video machine detail specification from  PCB magazine unloader HY-250ULD model