Process loose or taped components depending on which feeder you choose.  Form to 90 degrees, vertical, and even cut-only, depending on the system you choose.ASCEN electronic axial component lead forming machine has a reputation for reliable, economical performance in thousands of PCB assembly factories worldwide. Simply open button and parts are cut and formed and deposited into a collection bin.
If your axial component is the taped component,The axial component lead former can be manual or motorized for your taped components. 
Please choose the axial component lead forming machine according the form type you need.

electronic axial component lead forming machine

ASCEN auto axial component lead former AS-809U model

Taped component axial lead former

Cut and bend machine for taped axial components. The ASCEN standard version AS-809U Taped component axial lead former be often used the axial resistance and diode. This is the motorized type former, you can use this axial lead forming and cutting machine form only or cut only.or forming and cutting.
ASCEN axial component lead former suitable for mass production, stable quality and simple operation.Independent rotary disc cutters for longer cutting life, material can quick and easy set-up
This auto axial lead formmer AS-809U model connect the loose parts feeder, it can be used to the taped component and loose paced parts, Please check the loose component axial lead formmer ASL-809U model

loose component axial lead formmer

Of course,we have manual axial component lead former cuts and bends each side of an taped axial components to 90°for horizontal mount configuration.( U shape assembly)
Check here to find the manual axial lead former AS-820U, it is a handcrank unit.

manual axial lead former
You want the manual axial component lead forming machine can to cut and bend for the taped and loose axial components for horizontal mount. Here you can find the ASCEN axial lead forming system ASL-820U model,Suitable for taped axial components and loose axial component for bending or cutting feet, such as belt resistors and diodes.bending and cutting feet can be finished by one time. Strong processing ability.

axial lead forming system