This is the ASC-900 model PCB depaneling machine and PCB cutting machine set up and adjustment manual,ASCEN PCB depaneling machine mainly use for the PCB assembly in the large mass production with the high efficiency and save a lots of labor for the manufacturer.Most of time,one set of ASC-900 PCB cutting machine can satisfy for the 3-5 SMT line output.Almost cover the PCB depaneling in the whole factory.

This set up manual and adjustment turorial tell you how to quickly adjust and set up the 
ASCEN multi panel PCB depaneling matter how many type PCB panel,when you understand how to install and remove the cutting group,you can easy to adjust your PCB depaneling effect and quickly to changeover the PCB model in your production.

This PCB depaneling machine ASC-900 model manual total with following 5 part of video turorial,please check the following detail: 

1)After finish PCB sample adjustment,how to run PCB depaneling machine for your PCB sample.What steps still need to be taken? please see the detail video turorial for the pcb depaneling machine manual part 1:

2)When you need produce the new PCB panel for your customer,How to changeover cutting PCB panel for your PCB depaneling machine ASC-900 model,Please check the following video turtorial for the pcb depaneling machine manual part 2,to learn how to remove the cutting knife group,ASCEN multi panel PCB separator use the special construction and different with other common machine in the market.It can help you quickly changeover the PCB panel model and keep the high precision.

3)The ASCEN pcb depaneling machine manual part 3,to tell you how to install the bearing support and how to use the bearing support for your PCB panel.

4)The ASCEN pcb depaneling machine manual part 4,to tell you how to quickly install your knife to PCB cutting machine and into the high precision adjustment.

5) This is the ASCEN pcb depaneling machine manual part 5,to tell you how to adjust the knife of your cutting machine according your PCB material and thickness,you can adjust your cutting stress and get the PCB cutting effect that you want.

The above is the adjust manual for ASCEN PCB depaneling machine ASC-900 model,If you want to know more PCB separator detail that can suitable for your PCB panel,please cilck here PCB depaneling machine list, you can find different type machine here.or you can check here PCB cutting machine operation video can help you more clearly to understand the PCB cutting machine how to work in your assembly production line.if you have any enquiry,please sent your email to ASCEN team: