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Automatic or automated optical inspection is the preferred method of PCB inspection.A700 auto PCB optical inspection machine connect the PCB buffer machine to be a intelligent production line.that can auto separate the bad PCB board online

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Automated optical inspection AOI is often used in the manufacturing process because it’s a non-contact test method. auto PCB optical inspection machine has primarily been used after solder reflow or in post-production. Post-reflow optical inspection systems inspect for many kinds of defects, including component placement issues, solder shorts, or missing solder. Faulty boards can be reworked and acceptable boards are sent to the next stage.
Automatic or automated optical inspection is the preferred method of PCB inspection. A700 auto PCB optical inspection machine is suitable for vairous applications, such as post and pre-reflow, components on glue (curing), after wave including TH components inspection. It can connect the PCB buffer machine to be a intelligent production line. that can auto separate the bad PCB board on the SMT assembly line.
About the auto PCB optical inspection machine more application in the SMT assembly line, Please check ”PCB optical inspection machine detect printed circuit boards inline

With the high requirements for product quality and high labor cost, more and more manufacturers are looking forward to fully automatical programming, in order to improve efficiency and reduce labor cost. The A700 online PCB optical inspection machine that develops is to realize this ideal that most manufacturers own. This PCB inspection machine is equipped with several software analysis algorithm,many application modes and high practical assistant features. Besides, it also has motion system and image collection system of high accuracy, which supplies it with faster test speed, high output rate, and high stability, and more convenient in operational aspect as well. In addition to the basic features that AOI should have.
it also contains following characteristics:
All-aspects Controlling

auto PCB inspection machine

Intelligent Control

auto PCB inspection machine

1,The tedious program & debug process is always the main reason that engineers are not willing to use auto optical inspection machine,and it is also the bottleneck for high-efficient production. Fast program and quick model changes are the symbol of high-end PCB online inspection machine, A700 model includes several fast programming and debug modes, which can automatically link public or specification template by loading CAD data to accomplish programs, and quickly correspond to the test requirements of new adapts to production modes and product types of large, medium and small.
2,For the efficiency improvement, we have developped the newest programming and debugging without stopping in addition to the series processor and multi-lines processing. Customer can optimize multiple production lines without pausing the machine through promote control. This can obtain the inspection and programming at the same time to advance the production completely.
3, Repair station connects with auto optical inspection machine through cables, HUB, it can select Several modes to check test results, such as one repair station to one
AOI several repair stations to one AOI and one repair station to several 
AOI as well, The connection way in above picture is one to several.
4, auto optical inspection machine will transfer test data in real time to repair station in production Process. By the judgment of operators, AOI will automatically send OK
And NG signals to different TRAY respectively, in order to realize fully 
Automatical programming process control.

automatic optical inspection machine

Statistic Process Control(SPC)
SPC seamlessly connected with auto optical inspection machine, real time feedback and analysis to ensure high quality control.Based on the above measures and control, we can:
1)Reduce the cost
2)Reduce defect rate and waste
3)Increase the productivity
4)Increase core competitiveness
5)Win more customers and get orders
6)Bring more customers

AOI optical inspection machine

Functional specifications for ASCEN inline automatic optical inspection machine A700 model
PCB Testing range Through-hole and hybrid technology of SMT solder,testing PCB after printing, before reflow and after reflow
Detection Method Many leading international algorithms such as TOC, Histograms, Match, Short, OTHER, CREST, PIN algorithms, auto set parameters according to different test dots
Camera  High speed individualized digital camera
Resolution/Range/ Speed: (Standard): 15μm/Pixel FOV:38mmX31mm (Speed)<200ms/FOV
(Option):  8μm/Pixel FOV:20mmX16mm  (Speed)<200ms/FOV
Light Extra bright RRGB coaxial ring tower LED light (Color light)
Program Mode Manual programming, Auto frame, CAD input automatically correspond to component library
Remote control  Remote control through TCP/IP. Check, start or stop the machine, or modify the procedures at any time.
Inspection Items Solder printing: Absence presence, misalignment, insufficient, overflow, open, bridge, contamination etc. Component defects: Missing, misalignment, skewed, billboard, mounting on side, overturn, wrong part (OCV), damaged, reversed etc. Solder defects: Overflow, insufficient, pseudo soldering, bridge , contamination etc
Special Features Support auto change program test, multi boards and multi programs test, two sides of programs test
Minimum Component &pitch 8µm:01005 chip &0.3pitch IC
SPC and program control Statistic and analysis of all test data ,check production and quality analysis anywhere, can output Excel, Txt file
Bar code System  Camera can read and transfer the Barcode automatically(one-dimension or two dimension)
Server Mode Administrative data from many AOI through center server
Operation System  Windows 7 Professional
Display/Output  22inch TFT LCD, OK/NG signal, send data file to Repair station (Option)
System specifications for ASCEN inline automatic optical inspection machine A700 model
PCB size  50×50mm(Min)~510×500mm(Max)
PCB thickness 0.3 to 5 mm
Clamping System Edge Clearance TOP:3.5mm Bottom:3.5mm
PCB weight 3KG
PCB Tolerance <5mm or 2% of PCB diagonal length
PCB Height PCB (Top Side): 30mm, PCB (bottom side): 85mm
Conveyor Bottom-up fixed, Automatic compensation to avoid distortion, auto-load and unload, flat belt, adjust the width automatically
Conveyor height 890 to 980mm
Conveyor Direction   Left→ right or right→left
X/Y Driver Screw and AC servo driver, PCB fixed, Camera in XY, approved with CTQ
Power Supply AC230V 50/60 less than Hz 0.5KVA
Dimension 900x1300x1565mm ( LxWxH), excluding the height of the signal light,about 700kg
Humidity  10~35 ℃ 35~80% RH  ( no dew )
Certificate According with CE standard

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