PCB separator ASC-620 model is a pneumatic type PCB separator from ASCEN technology, which can use for aluminum substrate,FR4,CEM-1,MCPCB multiple type material ,it can suitable for cutting maximum 4mm thickness PCB panel without the bend and twist with high durability and long life time,Normally, this ASCEN PCB separator can keep use more than 5 years without calibration from you.that is why 620 model pcb separator very popular in the LED lighting manufacturer and PCBA printed circuit board factory.

ASCEN auto separation PCB

PCB separator 620 model use for the electronic factory that cover the PCBA manufacturing,LED lighting,electronic product assembly. It can use for cutting LED long board and also can use to the high component PCBA separation operation. It is the best way to replace the way to purchase multiple type PCB separator equipment.

ASC-620 PCB separator have a lots of advantage that most of people don’t know about: 
1, ASC-620 PCB cutting machine can use for the aluminum PCB panel cutting, it can cut maximum length 680mm long LED aluminum PCB panel with 2 times. at the meanwhile can keep the LED panel in a good state after cut. Please check the following cutting operation video:

2,ASC-620 PCB cutting machine can use for Max.2.5mm thickness aluminum PCB board in a good state, you can check the video in the following,
If you as the LED light manufacturer, you should understand the aluminum PCB board with a big tenacity, if the aluminum PCB board more and more thick,and the PCB board tenacity bigger and bigger, and the PCB board will more difficult to separation by the PCB separator, if you choose the single circular knife type pcb separator for the aluminum PCB board, the all cutting pressure will focus on one point of aluminum panel,the aluminum PCB board will easy to bend and twist and the machine knife will easy to crack, so that is why we don’t advise choose the single circular knife type PCB separator for the aluminum PCB board. ASC-620 PCB cutting machine with the straight knife that can perfect to cut off the the aluminum PCB board.   
PCB bend after separation PCB
3,PCB separator ASC-620 model can pass PCBA board top side and under side max  64mm component height.Most of time, there is the narrow distance between the component and the V-score, some other PCB separator can not cut the PCB board with the narrow distance, please know, ASC-620 model can allow minimum 1mm distance from component to V-scoring , if the distance from V-score to component less than 3mm, can allow Max. 26mm component height on the top, if the distance from V-score to component more than 3mm, can allow Max.40mm component height on the top.

multi panel pcb separation

pcb depaneling equipment troubleshooting

4, PCB separator 620 model can suitable for different type of PCBA panel with different materials and with higher durability, that is a multi-function machine, just need one machine can use for multi kinds of PCB board.
Please check the PCB separator cutting the FR4/ Aluminum/ copper material as the following operation video:

multi pcb separator
multi pcb V-cut separator
ASCEN PCB cutting equipment
multi panel PCB separator
5, This ASCEN PCB separator is a minitype cutting equipment and place on the desk for operation, which allows them to be placed anywhere when you have space limited. 
PCB panel separation machine

6, This PCB separator can cut off the 3mm thickness Aluminum bare board without the V-cut, It most of time use for the special cutting use in the PCB assembly processing.

    On the basis of the above PCB separator ASC-620 pcb cut equipment, if want check the standard specification, Please click PCB cutting machine  ASC-620 model to see,

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